MyUnimol was born by a Master exams at University of Salerno, where 4 amazing guys from Molise (a very very very little region in the middle of nowhere in Italy) had to manage 12 Bachelor developers and build a software product.

However, the project wasn’t abandoned like it usually happens, after the ending of our studies.

Now, MyUnimol is a complete suite of software products addressed to students of University of Molise. Its goal is to deliver to them a great visual experience about their academic career, with the possibility to see their courses, book exams, look at their grades and so on. MyUnimol is composed by:

  • CORE-API: the core of MyUnimol, which interacts with the system used by the University;
  • WebApp: a flexible web application;
  • Android App: a native app for Android devices;
  • iOS App: a native app for Apple devices.

We are on GitHub! Everybody is welcome to contribute!

The amazing Team Molise